A DEAL for both Democrats & Republicans

  1. A DEAL that both Democrats & Republicans can agree to that is better for taxpayers.
  2. This is only 2 Technical Corrections to TC&JA which will cure 2 big problems
  3. Increase the “SALT” deductions to a $20K limit; & Allow Transportation Workers to claim Employee Business Expenses of $20K.

A letter to Republicans & Democrats:

Dear Fellow Americans,

The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act (TC&JA) was not perfect. It was and is Good to most Americans

But there are some small changes that can make it better. Here are 2 suggestions.

Item #1

The  SALT deductions are “State and Local Taxes”, which are currently limited to $10K.

The $10K limit is too low to be fair. Taxpayers in states with high taxes will pay more than their fair share of Federal Taxes if this is not fixed.

Item #2

Employee business expenses under prior law was claimed as an itemized deduction by transportation workers and others.  TC&JA eliminated that deduction for most workers.

Transportation Workers have big travel expenses since the Airlines & Railroads & Trucking Companies don’t reimburse them for their out of pocket job costs.

Airline personnel, including Pilots & Flight Attendants, along with Truck Drivers and Railroad Workers should be able to claim those expenses to keep America running.

This Program will restore some fairness to 2 big groups of citizens. It will allow both Parties to claim a Victory. Why Not Do This?

Anson Avery, CPA

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