America Could Never Be That Lucky Again

Eddie Rickenbacker, a World War I Flying Ace, wrote an autobiography with a great account of his war experiences. It was titled “Rickenbacker.” In the book he wrote… “I Could Never Be That Lucky Again.”

Now as I look back at the events of 2019, I think “We Could Never Be That Lucky Again.” It is not hard to imagine what would have happened if President Trump had not resigned in 2019.

Hyperinflation might have come in 2033, as predicted by many, including this writer. Thank God it did not come. We had enough problems with Iran and Russia without having to deal with the World-wide Depression that would have followed.

Trump has always landed on his feet like a cat that you hold upside down and then drop to the floor.

Some folks think it was always his plan to stir up “EVERYTHING!” and then put in the squeaky clean Pence to fix “EVERYTHING.”

I didn’t think that back in 2019, but now I see that it might have been Trump’s plan all along. The way he used “The Art of the Deal” to get Speaker Pelosi to resign was priceless.

Most commentators have said that he was so tired of the constant attacks on him, his family, and his supporters, that he gave up and decided to go back on TV.

I see that as a good guess at why he resigned but it would not have worked if he had not been able to change the Speaker of the House, who is third in line after the Vice-President to become acting President.

It was also “Good Theater,” “Fabulous Irony,” and “Turnabout is Fair Play” for him to say, “Okay, I’ll resign when you resign,”…and she did, saying “America First!”

The other events of 2019 were also unexpected and even strange given the recent history of Congress. Yes, it was what they should have done. It is what they were elected to do, but it was still a Major Surprise.

Congress members went across the aisle and worked in a true BIPARTISAN METHOD to save America from Chapter 7 bankruptcy and began the now well-funded program to eliminate the National Debt.

All of this makes me remember the old Lynwood Knights saying from 1956—“I would rather be lucky than good.”

We could never be that Lucky again.

Adios Amigos

Anson Avery, CPA

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