Anson’s Pente: Five Key Ways To Always Win

We start with “The Four Agreements” written by Don Migel Ruiz, Copyright 1997. My son Bryan gave me a copy back in ’98 or ’99 and we both have followed the Four Agreements since then.

I gratefully acknowledge the Wisdom of the Four Agreements. When you follow them your life will be better. I recommend that you get a copy of that excellent book. The Four Agreements are:

1. Be impeccable with your word.

2. Don’t take anything personally.

3. Don’t make assumptions.

4. Always do your best.

My own personal Pente is as follows:

5. Make few commitments.

6. Make good habits.

7. Kill bad habits.

8. All health is mental health.

9. Have fun.

This short story is a guide to win at whatever you are involved with. It will work when you follow it. This is a “Glide Path” for you to land your personal airplane on the smooth runway of life.

First is to make few commitments so that most of the time you simply do the right thing which is easy and fun. When you have committed yourself to an action or a result you must do something to keep your self-respect and/or the respect of others.

There are many times that it good, or important, or necessary to make a commitment and then you should give your all to do what it is you said you would do.

If it does not happen after you have done your best then you and the rest of the world can’t blame you, and you keep your self-respect no matter what others say.

Young Winston Churchill – a timeless example of self-respect.

Self-respect is more important than ANYTHING including living or dying.

Make good habits because most of everything you’ll ever do is based on your habits. A person’s mind, body and soul are formed and maintained by the habits learned from Mom and Dad and all of the teachers, friends and relatives in your life.

Some humans have overcome all bad influences, or most of them, to achieve excellence in many or most ways by working to make good habits. Sometimes a person will just be lucky to win something, but long term excellence is usually achieved through hard work.

Good Habits are the BEST WAY to live.

Learn to kill bad habits because they sneak in on you while you are sleeping and you won’t notice them until they hurt. My “big three”of bad habits are

1. Smoking

2. Drinking  

3. Eating (too much).

There are plenty of other bad habits that we could name but I’ll use my best example of habit control victory in my life: I quit smoking tobacco in 1975 after 21 years of smoking Camels and Lucky Strikes.

I quit “Cold-Turkey” but any successful or legal way of quitting tobacco is good news to me.

Quit SMOKING OR YOUR OTHER WORST HABIT today. You can do it.

Good Health is the most important factor in your life. No amount of money or fame or fun can overcome bad health. Good mental health is a part of physical health. It doesn’t work to be strong but crazy.

An integral part of being sane and stable is to have a good healthy lifestyle that includes workouts and exercise on a daily basis.


When you do something it goes better when you have fun doing it. It turns out better and why not have fun with it? The famous Quote from Mary Poppins, a Walt Disney character, is accurate, I think.

Look for an element of fun in every job that you must do and the job goes better and you enjoy the work as well. That is how I do CPA work which includes IRS Audits which I have fun winning!


This is the end of this short story and I had a lot of fun doing it.

Anson Avery, CPA

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