Anson Avery

Two Gun Tex’s Easy File System

As a business owner in the 21st Century, you will need to make the decision whether to keep physical (paper) or digital records. While we at Anson Avery, CPA, PLLC recommend that clients keep physical records, we understand that there are many ways to reliably keep one’s records digitally. Both methods, physical and digital, have …

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Tax Change of $419,000

Spokane Audit Department is SAD. SAD is my moniker for the IRS Audit Department of Spokane. There are many reasons for SAD to be sad in this Year 2019. The biggest reason is the subject of this paper. I have been dealing with IRS Audits since 1967, which was my second year in Public Accounting. …

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Paul and the Beatles

The 1964 Time Mix Machine We are in Paul’s 1962 Rolls Royce driving in a Time Mix Machine from LA to San Diego on Highway 101. A Time MIX Machine doesn’t just take you back or forward in Time. The Mix is multiple up and down and all around all at the same “TIME.” As …

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