Bank Account Plan 2 B Safe

Always order the bank to do at least 4 things:

1. Have the bank statements end on the last day of the month.

2. Get a paper copy of each month’s statements.

3. Get a copy of the front & back of the checks that cleared the account.

4. Reconcile the statement to your checkbook every month.

Why do I say those 4 things? In today’s changing world, everything is faster, “Paperless”, and done by “CARELESS PEOPLE”. Careless means “they don’t care” and so many hurtful things happen every day.

Specific Comments on the Big 4:

1. Banks have many customers so if they spread the month end closings it is good for them. Business customers keep records that end on the last day of the month, as do many others, and the bank will let one choose the month end if the customer asks for that service.

2. Digital copies can be lost after time goes by. Paper copies are small and will last until any IRS audits or other required paper copies are needed. There is usually “No extra charge for paper copies.”

3. Check copies prove who got the money.

4. Two years ago my bank deposited $10,000 into my account that belonged to another customer. Bank personnel do make mistakes as do all humans and machines. I notified the bank and they fixed it.

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