Blue Panties in Paris

Our flight to London from Paris was delayed. I was there with my wife, Anne, on our return flight home after 16 days in Rome then Paris. The delay stretched out for 5 hours.

Interior of the Orly Airport

We were in Orly Airport where the terrorist was killed in May of that same year, 2017. We waited on the second level and I noticed a young couple on the long leather bench by Gate A-22.

She was lying with her head in his lap. She was a cute gal with no rings and a shapely figure in a very short black dress. Passengers waiting to board moved around and I found a good spot in two comfortable chairs close to the windows.

The foxy lady and her boyfriend also moved to cushy chairs between us and the gate. She got up with her back to us and bent over to open a case.

There they were, the Blue Panties.

She was perfectly plump. The panties were tight with a white ribbon lining. You could plainly see her crack as she wiggled a little. She knew that I was watching. This was fun. Why not a show in Paris?

The show continued for me and several other folks including men and women. Nobody complained.

Me either. Blue is my favorite color.

London’s Heathrow Airport

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