When Worlds Collide

What happened on that day, August 24, 2038 that was unexpected? Maybe it was all of it… My 100th birthday and I’m still alive. Well, just for today. If you had seen me riding “Red Rocket”, my 1000cc Kawasaki naked bike back when I was a young 75 in 2013, would you think I would …

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Go Paperless and Lose

Going Paperless is not about saving TREES! Going paperless is about MAKING MORE MONEY for big Corporations. Going paperless may cost YOU money and troubles too. Maybe you’ll want that receipt. The Companies that used to have teams of people answering telephones want you to use the internet for contacts. Why? It is to cut …

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America Can Save the Earth

1. SAVE AMERICA BY SAVING THE EARTH! 2. AMERICA’S BUSINESS IS SUCCESS. 3. A UNIFIED USA CAN DO ANYTHING! To All Americans. LET’S GO! We start by solving many problems at once. First we develop a master plan to desalinate the ocean’s sea water. The new, fresh clean water will be America’s gift to the …

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