Tax Change of $419,000

Spokane Audit Department is SAD. SAD is my moniker for the IRS Audit Department of Spokane. There are many reasons for SAD to be sad in this Year 2019. The biggest reason is the subject of this paper. I have been dealing with IRS Audits since 1967, which was my second year in Public Accounting. …

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Where Is The OUTRAGE?

The 21st Century has the quickest and the strongest RAGE Factor in world history. A man is accused of Rape or beating up his girlfriend or of not being sensitive enough when a puppy dies. That causes him (or her) to be fired from their job, or demoted, or suspended from the next game, or …

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Infected Diseased Rats

Have you caught any “Infected Diseased Rats” (IDRs) lately? I hope not because they are trained by the IRS to torment you and steal from you. We are referring to the IDRs issued by the Internal Revenue Service to IRS Audit Victims. IDRs are “Information Documents Requests”, and they are anything but a “REQUEST”. IDRs …

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