Two Gun Tex’s Easy File System

As a business owner in the 21st Century, you will need to make the decision whether to keep physical (paper) or digital records. While we at Anson Avery, CPA, PLLC recommend that clients keep physical records, we understand that there are many ways to reliably keep one’s records digitally. Both methods, physical and digital, have …

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GOLF is the Global Organization for Lasting Forests. The long-term solution for ALL of the World’s Problems is GOLF. This is how GOLF works: 1. We Write-up and Sign-up for this 20-20 Plan for the 2020 Year. The 20-20 Plan is based on the standard measurement for human’s Vision. Let’s improve our Vision to be …

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Principle or Principal?

How is your spelling? How are your ethics? How is your judgement? Life sometimes gives us difficult choices. I grew up in Oklahoma City in the 1940s and I was a teenager in Los Angeles in the 1950s. Most of my early learning came from my Mother, Bertha Lea Avery, who taught me the difference …

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