Deep Pockets

All Americans need “Deep Pockets”. We have three main classes that we teach in our CPA practice. Our Deep Pockets class has the formula to be wealthy and safe living in the USA.

The class, like all three of our standard classes is rated at one hour and it comes with a written version for students to keep after the class.

I have taught the classes to 387 students, clients and friends since I wrote them in September of 2012.

The inspiration for Deep Pockets came from my Mother’s Grandfather and Grandmother, Milton J Wright and Salome B. Wright.

I am still receiving Oil Royalties from them that were started in 1940. Those Royalties passed from Milton J Wright to Basil B Wright to Bertha Lea Wright Avery to me.

That was Great Grandfather to Grandfather to Mother to me. The Wrights from Edmond, Oklahoma had Deep Pockets.

This Blog will give you the key elements of how to cope with all of your money troubles and how to win financially every time.

The key elements are easy to understand and hard to perform (for most people) but any reader of this blog can do it.

No, you won’t automatically build Deep Pockets

But you can when you “just do it!” It all starts with SAVINGS. This is the formula:

(Save money-Invest It-Spend Zero-Save More).

Great Grandmother Wright would put One Dollar in the savings account in some months. That was still savings. Some months had thousands deposited.

This happened in Oklahoma from 1907 through the 20s and the Depression 30s and the War 40s until they both passed on in the 50s.

I haven’t always followed the formula but I have not had a car payment since 1968. Debt is the enemy of safety and wealth.

Another way to express the Formula is:

“Spend Less Than You Make”.

There is a lot of talk now about Americans who “Live Paycheck to Paycheck”. I don’t see how they can do it. It seems so uncomfortable.

One of the worst elements of personal budgeting is Credit Card Debt. That is because it is so easy to borrow and so hard to pay back.

Credit Card Debt carries interest rates of 17%, 18% even up to 19%. Those numbers are wonderful for the lender and disaster for Paycheck to Paycheck folks.

I have 3 high limit Credit Cards and I pay them off each month, in full. The interest rate that I pay is Zero. My credit score is in the mid 800s.

Don’t be angry with me for Bragging about my good habits. I don’t smoke either. This paper is not about me. This is about HABITS!

Most of what we humans do is Habit. Think about making a habit of making good habits.

There are some good instruction books about

making good habits.

Contact me and I’ll give you a reference to those books. Yes, we want you to contact us because it is important to for you to make an effort for real self-improvement.

Why not try for safety and wealth? Many Americans are living in freedom from debt and do not have to worry about money. You can too. Call us.

Anson Avery, CPA

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