“Don’t Answer That Question!”

Instead give a “DEMUR.”

What do folks do when someone asks them to answer an Attack Question? The old example was, “When did you quit beating your wife?” Those questions don’t have any correct factual answers, but there are good strategic answers to use, if you think quick enough.

There are three excellent responses to an attack question:

1. Silence. (You have the right to remain silent.)

2. “No Comment.”

3. Give a Demur as in, “Even if that were true it would not change anything.”

3.B: Take an Avery-“I won’t answer that Chickensh*t question.

Last year I  contested an issue during an IRS Audit by the Spokane Audit Department (SAD), and when I asked the IRS Agent if SAD had used Facebook to gather information on my client during the audit, Joan Page, then Supervisor of SAD, yelled, “Don’t Answer That Question.”

Joan Page was smart and tough and she knew when a Question was trouble. We believe that IRS does use social media to target and audit taxpayers. All of this part is another story that I have reported on in other papers and books.

So if anyone tries to pin you down, defend yourself with a Demur.

Anson Avery

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