Infected Diseased Rats

Have you caught any “Infected Diseased Rats” (IDRs) lately?

I hope not because they are trained by the IRS to torment you and steal from you. We are referring to the IDRs issued by the Internal Revenue Service to IRS Audit Victims.

IDRs are “Information Documents Requests”, and they are anything but a “REQUEST”. IDRs are DEMANDS TO PRODUCE 200% OF YOUR TAX AND BUSINESS AND PERSONAL RECORDS for an IRS Audit that starts tomorrow.

Yes, tomorrow is an exaggeration (Most of the time), but we have had one audit that started the first day! You can be sure that this is the start of the HIGH PRESSURE and SCHEDULING HARRASMENT DISHED OUT BY SAD. SAD is the Spokane Audit Department of the IRS.

The infected diseased rats that are dumped on taxpayers by SAD are the 21st Century version of the OLD TCMP AUDITS OF 1965-1998. Those were the “Audits from Hell!” The IRS checked EVERYTHING on your return and used the data to design future audits.

The “TAXPAYER COMPLIANCE MEASUREMENT PROGRAM” (TCMP) was the IRS version of “Big Data” in the last century. They were finally banned as being too intrusive by Congress in 1998. Now they are back, even stronger and more terrifying than before.

I have included four actual pages of a live IRS Audit’s IDRs which were the start of a “ONE/HALF Technique Audit” that turned a young couple’s two year’s losses (2015/2016) into $428, 000 of tax and penalties and interest due. The actual IDRs numbered 14 pages.

The audits started with a letter which I answered by telephone to schedule the audit meeting with SAD’s Alek Cherkashin, R A. He was nasty and rude on the call and he tried to get me to answer audit questions during that scheduling call. I asked him if he was an IRS Field Auditor, which I knew he was, and if he was going to do his job?

That was the start of the general disagreement which has been in place since June 13, 2018 and is still going on now. Alek works for Joan Page, the Group Manager of SAD. The IRS Manual instructs Auditors to NOT USE telephone questions for Audits as being not efficient and subject to errors. Joan Page allows SAD auditors to make their own rules.

Alek than asked me to give him the taxpayer’s phone number which I did (in error). Send me your contact information and I will send you a copy of the taxpayer’s statement of what happened next. If you are audited by the IRS don’t dwell on long phone calls.

We are posting the taxpayer’s first names (Jones last name) in this and we will give full data to any authorized Government or Media persons who want to verify this EXPOSEˊ and the details from it.

IRS Audits usually consider two elements, Income and Deductions. Joan Page developed the “ONE/HALF Technique Audit”. It starts with an Infected Diseased Rats (IDR) letter followed by high pressure scheduling coupled with harassing phone calls and messages.

Then they subpoena your bank records and use them to do a “Potential Understatement of Income” schedule and send you a copy. This is what they did to Keith and Kendra. I got a copy of the schedule. It was weak, inaccurate and it proved nothing. We kept trying to schedule the audit.

Finally we got the audit scheduled at my office and we prepared an excellent bunch of “Proof Sets” that clearly showed the losses for the two years under audit. The first day of the audit was for income.

The second day of the audit was supposed to be for deductions but when I asked Alek the question “Did you use Facebook on this audit?” Joan Page yelled, “Do not Answer That Question!” and he did not.

Soon they were leaving and when I complained about them walking out they cut me off from any involvement in the audit and they did a TD audit and Report that showed that Keith and Kendra owed over $428,000 for the two years.

A TD Report is a “Total Disallowance” of all deductions and including all deposits as 100% Income. We have appealed this Miscarriage to the Appeals Division but nothing has been scheduled yet.

Meantime Alek and SAD have started an audit of Keith’s 2017 form 1040. We asked for the audit to be a Field Audit at my office or at Keith’s office since they are Field Auditors but they refused and scheduled it in the Interrogation Room at IRS Headquarters.

We’ll go there on Monday, June 10th, 2019 to have fun. We have all that we need to prove a “No Change” or better result in that audit. Plus we’ll ask them to consider the excellent “Proof Sets” of 2015/2016 also.

There is much more that has happened during this inquisition which has not been listed here. If you want to see the complete 14 pages of IDRs and other documents please contact me via my blog posts or directly to me at my office.

All of this is the Truth, the Whole Truth and nothing but the Truth, so help me God.— Anson Avery, CPA

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