Never Lose Your Wallet, Guys

This is Work-Around-Number 3 from AA

A man’s wallet is special to him. So why do so many guys put their wallet in the back pocket of their jeans, pants, or walking shorts? Does it make it easier to find it and pull it out? Maybe so, but I know that it does make it easier to get lost.

I lost my wallet one time when I was young, about age 18. It had my California Drivers License and an altered Draft Card which “proved” that I was 22 years old and thus able to drink in a bar or night club.

Plus, there was 14 Dollars and some phone numbers in it. I always carried it in the right back pocket of my pants which were usually cords or Lee Rider jeans in those days. That was a huge loss to me, so I looked everywhere for it.

It finally turned out okay for two good reasons. When my Dad heard that it was lost he said, “Think back to the last time you had it and think carefully of everyplace that you have been, then retrace your steps and search every possible place it could be. When you find it I’ll tell you how you can manage it so it will never happen again.”

I knew Dad was telling me the Native American system of when a Brave lost his knife or tomahawk he goes back on his trail and usually he finds it. Naturally, I looked everywhere, but no billfold appeared. Then Dad said, “How did you get to all of those places?”

When I searched my 1948 Chevrolet Aero Sedan with cloth covered seats, it was there under the drivers seat back. Boy, that was good. Then I asked Dad how can I keep from losing my wallet again?

Altus N. Avery gave me this advice: “Move your wallet to the left front pocket of your pants. Slow down on pulling your billfold and count your change like your Mom taught you. Then put it away, carefully. It is bad to lose important tools.”

I’ve used my Dad’s advice about a lot of things. He was a great man.

Anson T. Avery

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