Paul and the Beatles

The 1964 Time Mix Machine

We are in Paul’s 1962 Rolls Royce driving in a Time Mix Machine from LA to San Diego on Highway 101. A Time MIX Machine doesn’t just take you back or forward in Time. The Mix is multiple up and down and all around all at the same “TIME.”

As we arrive in Huntington Beach from Seal Beach, Paul asks how he should drive, Fast, Slow or “Overtime Race Speed.” Ringo is in the back seat playing Bongos and he yells “Overtime!” I’m riding Shotgun, George and John are live Ghosts in the back seat with Ringo.

Carlos Castaneda is giving a workshop in Laguna Beach where Carlos Santana’s Band is playing a concert. I’m thinking that we should stop for both “Carlos” Events, when would we ever have a chance to do that again?

Paul says, “That’s great, Avery. We’ll go there.” I’m happy because this ride is a “Kinda” contest between all four passengers to please Paul who is the Main Driver of the Beatles and this Time Mix Trip too.

John says, “Don’t forget Del Mar Race Track, besides the horses running we have BB King playing there, and Paul, can you drive a little faster? This Time Mix won’t last forever and I have places to go and people to see.”

George says, “I don’t care where we go, you guys decide, but…but Sandy Koufax is pitching in Chavez Ravine tonight.”

Ringo says, “OK for anyplace in So Cal in the 60s or 70s as long as we see Elvis and Creedence Clearwater Revival at MCRD in San Diego.”

Paul says, “Right” and he stomps the foot feed.

I’m writing this today, September 13, 2019, a date that reads the same backwards and forwards. 9-13-19—91-31-9. I’m writing this because we are losing the 20th Century.

The 20th was the late, greatest Century when ANYTHING was possible, especially if you lived in Southern California, So Cal to the “hip.” I know that living was easy in So Cal in 1948, 1953, and 1963, because I was there.

In 1948 I lived in South Gate where my Dad had a car lot on Long Beach Blvd one block from Firestone Blvd. We stood on Long Beach Blvd and we could see the foot hills in Arcadia clear as day, every day, because there was no smog then.

We were Nomads of Route 66 during WW2. We travelled back and forth to Oklahoma City five times from 1943 through 1953 when we moved to Lynwood, California for my Sophomore Year, the 10th Grade at Lynwood High.

I was 15 in 1953 and it wasn’t long before I realized that I was a part of the luckiest bunch of teens in World History. It wasn’t just me that realized that we were living something Special. All of the students at Lynwood and most of the teachers knew it too.

We were SO INVINCIBLE and CHARMING and PROUD that we couldn’t fall or lose our way.

Everything was clear and good. I had a ‘48 Chevrolet Aero Sedan two tone grey and navy blue. I played football and ran track and failed Chemistry twice with 2 unsatisfactory grades for citizenship from Dr. Zook. I had fun dates with some of the pretty girls in school.

I would give anything to be back there knowing what I know now. Too bad that there are no functioning TIME MIX MACHINES. There is something here for you, the reader to understand.

We can’t go back to being younger than we are, but we can be smarter.

We can live every day knowing that we are here, today, and we can be INVINCIBLE and CHARMING and PROUD, SO LET’S NOT LOSE OUR WAY!

Make the most of today before it becomes tomorrow.

Anson T. Avery      

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