Principle or Principal?

How is your spelling? How are your ethics? How is your judgement?

Life sometimes gives us difficult choices. I grew up in Oklahoma City in the 1940s and I was a teenager in Los Angeles in the 1950s. Most of my early learning came from my Mother, Bertha Lea Avery, who taught me the difference between Right and Wrong.

One of her favorite sayings was, “Two wrongs don’t make a right.”

I often think of that when I observe the current political divide in America. Too often today I see wrongs coming from both sides in Congress and the Executive Branch.

Can those SNAFUs be resolved by both sides working together to survive all of our problems including the National Debt?

WARNING: Graphic language ahead! So quit reading if you are sensitive.

SNAFU is military slang, short for, “Situation Normal All Fucked Up.”

With America’s current lack of bipartisan cooperation we have a real SNAFU in Washington, DC today. However, our nation is no stranger to this type of political discord. There was a similar SNAFU in 1942 which was a dark year in World History. America had just suffered a terrible defeat at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 in a war that had not even been declared until the day after.

America was divided then but not just two sides. There were three major groups then: The New Deal Democrats lead by President Roosevelt, The America First Movement “Fighting” to keep the USA out of World War II, and the Republicans lead by nobody.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt signing the declaration of war against Japan, December 8, 1941. (National Park Service) NARA FILE #: 079-AR-82 WAR & CONFLICT BOOK #: 743

Before officially declaring war, we had done some organizing to help our natural allies, England, France, and others, who opposed Germany and Japan but there were no Americans fighting except for a tiny group in China, the AVG, aka the “Flying Tigers”.

The bombing of Pearl Harbor, a “Day that will live in infamy” with over 3,000 casualties and five Battleships sunk make an instant change among the three groups. They became one group – Americans! It was wonderful.

1942 followed December of 1941 and there was a lot to be done. Germany and the other Axis Powers declared War on us and the stage was set to fight it out. Historians have chronicled the battles that lead to total Victory for the Allies but I have another reason for the Victory.

It was because America had become “The Arsenal for Democracy” which was financed by the IRS! Yes, Roosevelt and Congress had to work to get it done, and they did. The TOOL they used was “Income Tax Withholding” as administered by the Internal Revenue Service.

The Income Tax was Small Potatoes before 1942 because it was only applied to very high income earners who had plenty of good deductions and favorable tax rates to manage the tax. Lower income workers didn’t make enough to pay any tax.

The new tax rates and WITHHOLDING was the answer. It worked then and it is still the biggest source of income today for America. The big problem of today is that the current version of WITHOLDING is not enough to pay our bills and cut into the National Debt.

What we need is to use good Principles to collect good Principal, enough to pay off the National Debt. That can only be done when both sides work together. We need the Executive Branch to work with the Legislative Branch and Democrats to work with the Republicans to do the Right Thing.

America can do ANYTHING when two sides unite to win.

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