Room 706: A Story Of Pathos, Pain and More Pain

This is a true story lived and now told by me.

I went to Deaconess Hospital in Spokane, Washington in October of 2019 for a minor procedure which would smooth out visits to the urinal facility. That procedure would require sedation so there was an EKG done.

The EKG indicated some Heart Problems so more tests were scheduled and done. The Stress Test was followed by more tests and the hospital staff suggested an Angiogram, aka Heart Catheter, to assess the damages.

All of this scared me. I knew that a heart catheter was often a prelude to Open Heart Surgery and so I postponed any more action then. Hell, all I wanted was to quit taking 14 leaks a day.

In March I got a new client in my CPA practice who was an M.D. She looked at me one day and said, “You don’t look so good.” I said, “ Well I am 81 years old.” She said, “No, I mean your color is pale. Let’s do a blood and a saliva test.”

The results didn’t come right away but then she called me on April Fools Day to say, “ Get ready to go to the Emergency Room at Deaconess Hospital for an Angiogram!”

She made some calls and we hit out for Deaconess in about 30 minutes. Wow, they were fast and efficient and I was out like a light until I came to about 45 minutes later. They worked as if my life was at risk.

We scheduled a triple bypass for Saturday April 4, 2020. This was moving fast so I slowed it down in my thoughts. Okay, we need this.
Friday night about 10pm Dr.Tehrani, my surgeon, called to tell me that the operation had to be postponed. There was a nodule in my right lung which looked like cancer and so there were more tests to come.

The tests came back as “Highly Probable Cancer” with more tests to come.

The triple bypass was rescheduled for April 14, 2020. The Triple came off as planned. Yes they “Harvested” veins in my left leg for blood vessels in my heart which left me with a sore leg but also with a strong heart. I was back at work in three weeks.

A note here about the Doctors at Deaconess Hospital in Spokane, they are stellar. Highly Professional and Excellent in their work, which is to keep your heart ticking and your lungs pumping.

I especially admire Dr. Tehrani, M.D. the surgeon who did my Triple and scheduled the tests that confirmed my lung cancer. This started the process that resulted in another major surgery on July 17, 2020.

The first operation on April 14, 2020 left me in Room 705 at Deaconess.
The anesthesia for that 6 hour operation left me in a hallucinatory dream state which was terrible and funny too.

I had my cell phone in my room and I called my buddy, Gary to save me from the Night Nurses (NN). They had me in handcuffs and hogties to keep my stitches in place.

Gary told me later that I had asked him to “Bring your pistol and one for me too.” Fortunately this first encounter vs. the NN got over before I was back under their control about 3 months later.

How did this start?
It all started with my good genes and the 1975 New Year’s Resolutions. I knew that I had to make changes to improve my health. So I resolved to: 1. Quit smoking cigarettes 2. To quit eating meat and 3. To quit watching Television.

I started eating fish in the year 2000 but I still don’t smoke or watch network TV, except Football & Basketball games. I also have good physical habits of work outs including 3,500 miles on my rollerblades and 14 million meters on my rowing machine.

Plus I lift weights and play Racquetball so I EXPECT to be healthy and I am 81 years old so it has all worked so far, until October of 2019. A big factor in my life has been Good Luck and Good Friends which have come at critical times to save my ass.

Another Doctor who saved me had more direct involvement with life and death for me was Pamil Sidhu, M. D. She is the new client who came to me on lucky Friday 13th, March of 2020. I have helped her as I have done for many CPA clients with my Tax Work as she repaid me by saving my life.

I have had a lifetime distrust of Doctors, based on Family Ethos and experience. Any contact with Physicians must be dealt with caution and careful, slow analysis before doing ANYTHING that they recommend.

Given my experience it is counterintuitive that I have so much faith and respect for a Doctor, but Sidhu M. D. Is tops. She looked at me with a Physician’s eyes even as we tangled with her personal work.

Most clients can only see their own problems but Pamil is always looking to see what ordinary people miss. It was my luck to meet her when I did and for her to push for medical tests that showed the problems other Doctors had missed.

The KEY Element was the blood test that had a “Proteins” section. A normal reading for me would have been the number 6. Mine was a 75, which Doctor Sidhu indicated massive damage to my heart which was throwing off Proteins.

Look I knew there was something going on because I had had trouble walking after eating and I had started an alternative medicine routine of “Chelation Therapy” which featured intravenous injections of vitamins which were to clean out my arteries and make conventional treatments unnecessary.

In fact I had 29 treatments in by March 12, 2020 the day before I first met Sidhu. There were 32 treatments already done before Dr. Sidhu gave me the test mailers for blood and saliva which I did that same day.

It was about 19 days later that Sidhu called me on April 1, 2020. As an accountant doing income tax work for more than 50 years I have a special affinity for all April dates including April 15th and “April Fools Day.”

It was about 10am when she called and said, “Get ready to go to Deaconess Hospital Emergency Room with me. I’ll be there in 10 minutes.” I said, “ Why? Are you sick?” She laughed and replied, “ Your heart is putting out a score of 75 on the protein scale of the blood test.”

This was some April Fools Day for me. 75 on the blood protein scale is 75/6 or 12 and one half times too high caused by the heart shedding damaged tissue as it fought on to keep me alive. I was ready to listen.

Yes, this story has mixed dates and a curved time line. Stick with me on this, it smooths out nicely as we go. I have three diaries that I write in and update daily. The best one is my calendar by days on Outlook on my computer. Appointments are listed there.
There are also my time sheets with a daily summary of the client’s work done by me which is used for billings in our office. And I keep a handwritten calendar diary at home where I track my workouts and personal notes.

I have many good personal habits which I rely on to keep me safe and happy. I am a very positive person who is married to the World’s Best Spouse and I have many friends and supporters. There are also strong and determined enemies that I tangle with to protect clients.

This paper’s Terrible Enemy is a NN (Night Nurse) at Deaconess Hospital. Very few enemies are rated as Terrible by me. CPAs fight in arenas sanitized by USA and States Laws which are usually fair unless the amounts are material.

I have not had more than a dozen terrible enemies in 54 years of public accounting and in contrast there are scores of IRS Agents, Bankers, Financial Planners, Insurance Agents and other business contacts that respect and like my work.

At the same time I am a very critical person and I do not suffer fools gladly but occasionally I am kind to those who make honest errors on a small item that can be fixed or ignored. Let me set the stage for Room 706:

This story starts on Saturday, October 19, 2019, and ends on Monday, July 20,2020. That is a total of 245 days. This is a medical diary for that period. I had some medical treatment, or test on 103 of those days.

The trauma that I suffered was emotional and psychological and was for probably a total of 24 hours over 4 days maybe 6 hours each night when I would awake in a drugged state and ask for help.

My second Major Operation came 3 months and 3 days after the first one that was a triple By/pass of clogged arteries in my heart. I liked that procedure because I am stronger now than I was before the operation.

I don’t remember a lot of the trouble with NN-1, but I do remember that it was the same NN. The first one was in Room 705. The second one was room 706 but there was a lot less anesthesia and I was “there” a lot more.

NN-2 was a male nurse who wore the same Disney Characters tunic with a deep blue background. He is a big man, probably strong and smart as hell. That guy would make you think a couple of minutes before you went ahead with a fist fight with him.

In fact he works hard (And effectively) at projecting menace to his patients. Let me get well and not to be strapped in to a hospital bed and I would love to kick his ass. Sorry, this is my true nature which I was taught by Altus N. Avery, my dad, and by Mom, Bertha Lea Avery.

Altus N. and Bertha Lea Avery

This is how he does it: I am in bed on my back in Room 706 with dim lights and I move to sit up but then I lay down quickly to stop the sharp pain in my right side where the stitches are. I locate the control module with the red call button and press it.

The door opens quickly and NN-2 is there. “What do you want ?” He snarls. “I want to sit up, and go to the toilet” My reaction.

NN-2 “You can use the urinary bottle.”

Me: “Ok but I might want to do more.”

There were several times that I got up to go to the bathroom without calling NN-2. That was a mistake. Patients are hooked up to an alarm that goes off loud. One of the problems is that I was drugged and not thinking clearly. This guy is not one that you want to get pissed off.

What ever happens it is always my fault. I start looking at the clock on the wall. Man it moves slowly. Could it really be 330 am? And then two hours go by, I think and when I look it is 344am. Piss. Which is what I do into the bottle.

As I read over this it seems to be “Small Potatoes”. Heck, I’m out of the Hospital and getting stronger every day. This is now and it was then that I was abused.

A closing note: When I was discharged on Monday July 20, 2020 I was not sure that I was ready to go, but I knew I didn’t want to spend another night with NN-2, so I stayed silent and escaped.

This statement is the Truth.

Anson T. Avery, CPA

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